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  • Designed to Stack
  • RJ3 Stainless Steel Filter: Unlock ultimate flavor with our reusable fitler that doesn't absorb coffee's essential oils
  • Dual Layer Filter Technology: Superfine mesh and laser-cut filter
  • Multipurpose Cup: The perfect cup for the job: measure, hold, filter, and keep warm
  • Precision Label: Smart labels on cup and carafe allow you to brew the perfect cup even without a scale
  • High Grade Glass: Extra thick borosilicate glass for durability and temperature stability


Brewing Tips:

  • Place the stainless steel filter in the carafe.
  • Fill stainless steel filter with desired amount of coffee ground (medium or medium fine grind works best).
  • Slowly pour just enough of 195°F to 205°F water to wet all of the coffee grounds, allowing it to bloom for 30 seconds.
  • Then pour slowly in spiral motions to brew the perfect cup!