PLEASE NOTE - Fabrics front and back are 100% cotton, washable and reversible and the ties are adjustable and also 100% high quality cotton. There is an additional layer of fabric enveloped within the two outside fabrics so the mask has three layers. Fabrics are chosen to be compatible in color and theme and are therefore easily reversible. Fabric choices are endless but fabric themes and colors change frequently.

Terrific option for those who are latex sensitive.

Our Masks are able to withstand multiple washings and should be long-wearing. They have a 3 pleat fold which will expand over the nose and below the chin.

It is a good idea to purchase multiple masks so that you have one always available while others are being laundered.

The use of this face mask is for the purpose of contact reduction. These masks are not affiliated with any government or health orginization. This is not a medical grade mask.

These masks can be washed in hot water with like colors and for best results use a non-bleach product. You should wash the masks after each use or at least daily and they can be tossed in the dryer. They can be pressed for a crisp look if you so desire, but not necessary.

The mask measures when flat approximately
Width 9"
Height 3" (before expanding) 6" after.

Fun Face Masks

SKU: HS009
  • This is the Coivd-19 Mask you have been looking for!